Horizontal Machining Centers

With superior performance that is distinctly Toyoda, we manufacture state-of-the-art horizontal machining centers for efficient production and high-precision machining. Toyoda offers spindle variations in its HMC lineup for maximum cutting performance.

FH500J IMTS18 500 mm HMC
Designed for speed, the FH500J series offer quick acceleration, fast traverse rates, and rapid tool change time resulting in reduced cycle time. Learn more >>

  • Direct Drive B-axis table with index time (90 degrees) of 0.5 seconds and 360,000 degree positioning
  • 50HP, 15,000 RPM high torque spindle demonstrating power cutting and high-speed cutting
  • Compact design high-speed horizontal machining center


FH630SX-i IMTS18 630 mm HMC
Toyoda's FH630SX-i series is fast and powerful, enabling heavy cuts with the best speed and performance in its class. Learn more >>

  • Standard 8,000 RPM high torque spindle exhibiting accelerated machining of hardened stainless steel
  • Direct feedback ballscrew thermal compensation for stabilized machining
  • Greater machining capacity due to reduced Z-axis deadband


Vertical Machining Centers

From high-speed to heavy-duty to five-axis machining applications, Toyoda's complete lineup of vertical machining centers delivers lasting performance.

FV1165 IMTS18 c-frame VMC
Maintaining the utmost accuracy on heavy-duty cuts, the FV series is engineered to precisely maneuver through challenging materials delivering long-lasting accuracy and durability. Learn more >>

  • Four hardened Y-axis box guideways design for maximum rigidity required on powerful cuts 
  • Robust cast iron headstock paired with a precision gear-driven or direct-driven spindle 
  • Powerful drive motors connected to the ballscrew with axial couplings designed to reduce backlash for smoother surface finish and better accuracy


*New UA2090Ti 5-Axis IMTS18 5 axis VMC
Toyoda's five-axis vertical machining centers offer superior structural rigidity essential to achieving precision and lasting performance for large part machining of Titanium and Hard Alloy components. Learn more >>

  • High performance spindle with 2-axis tilting head
  • Robust high torque A & B axis with gear driven design that eliminates backlash
  • Hybrid box guideway and linear guideway construction ideal for applications that require tight tolerances and high power cuts in a wide range of materials.

Bridge Mills

Toyoda bridge and gantry machines provide the power, stability, and durability required in machining large workpieces. This lineup features vibration-dampening Meehanite cast iron bases, effective coolant filtration systems, and fully-equipped Fanuc controls. 

*New Stealth VB215 IMTS18 Stealth Bridge Mill
Designed for heavy cutting applications, the Stealth VB series features powerful technology supported by Toyoda's tried and tested design - promoting reliability, strength, and workability - giving Toyoda customers the competitive edge. Learn more >>

  • Robust cast iron headstock with 6,000 RPM high performance geared-head spindle
  • Compact Z-axis ram construction for heavy cutting and smooth, stable drilling operations
  • Vibration dampening casting technology


SB316YM IMTS18 5-face Bridge Mill
Make the most of complex and large-part machining with more standardized features and five-face machining capabilities.
Learn more >>

  • Extended Y-axis travel with five-face machining capabilities for complex workpieces
  • Automatic tool changes in the vertical and horizontal orientations and automatic clamping of headstock
  • Demo featuring the exclusive WELE software functions that expands the performance and flexibility of the machine

Grinding Machines

Toyoda offers an extensive lineup of high-performance universal, cylindrical, camshaft, and crankshaft grinding machines. Originally designed for high-production automotive manufacturing, these grinders excel in the most demanding environments.

*New GL4i-50 Switch IMTS18 Cylindrical Grinding Machine
Versatile, universal grinding machine with a manually adjustable wheelhead for straight and angular applications. Features 45 degree swivel providing more thrust on the wheel diameter during face grind, faster cycle times and reduced probability of burning on face grinds.

  • Additional 45 degree swivel increment for flexible grinding of smaller diameter journals
  • Stabilized grinding accuracy with reinforced new bed design
  • New Toyopuc-Touch grinder control

*New GL4i-100 Switch
Adjustable wheelhead for straight and angled configurations. The GL4i-100 Switch model is a universal grinding machine for large part applications.

  • 400 mm swing and increased part capacity specification
  • Stabilized grinding accuracy with reinforced new bed design
  • New Toyopuc-Touch grinder control

Multitasking Machining Centers

Toyoda’s Multitasking Horizontal Machining Centers are first in the world to equip a skiving function to a general purpose horizontal type machining center to achieve mass production of gear parts.

*New GS200H IMTS18 Production Gear Skiving
GS200H gear skiving center offers improved productivity and flexible machining through high-speed cutting and integrated gear part processes of lathe, gear skiving and machining center capabilities into one machine. Learn more >>

  • Compact machine size suitable for production lines
  • Displayed with automatic side loader system
  • Performs 5 separate machining operations in a single machine

Turning Centers

Sold and supported by JTEKT Toyoda Americas, Takisawa Taiwan offers a broad range of turning centers with advanced technological features to provide its customers solutions that will maximize productivity and still offer exceptional value.

NEX-105 IMTS18_NEX105
Horizontal turning center with linear guideways, offers a maximum speed of 6,000 RPM and fast indexing capabilities to increase uptime and productivity. Learn more >>

  • Best solution for small batch production of complex parts
  • Displayed with an IEMCA bar feeder
  • 12 station servo turret, 6" power chuck, THK ballscrews, and includes a parts catcher


LA-250YS IMTS18_LA250
Multitasking horizontal turning center with rigid box guideway design for all machining axes. The LA250YS model is designed with a high performance spindle and modulized structure with optional live tooling, C-axis, Y-axis, or sub spindle. Learn more >>

  • True 30 degree slant bed design
  • 2 axes + C-axis + Y-axis
  • Gear box spindle


FX-800 IMTS18_FX800
The FX800 is a multi-purpose turning center designed for process integration, short cycle times, and high volumes. The twin turrets provide great flexibility and speed for a wide variety of complex turning and milling applications. Learn more >>

  • Twin turrets: upper T16 turret with Y-axis coupled with a lower T16 turret 
  • Highly rigid twin spindle with precise indexing
  • X- and Y-axis box guideway


*New MX-800 IMTS18_MX800
Takisawa Taiwan will be introducing the newest MX-800 model to the US market at IMTS 2018. An addition to the multi-purpose turning center line, the MX-800 is built for process integration and high productivity. 

  • Heavy duty twin upper T15 turrets
  • Built-in twin spindle
  • Twin Y-axis, 2" bar capacity (up to 2.5"), 8" chucks


The VTL series vertical turning lathes are designed for mass production and reduce cutting times for automotive parts such as brake discs, brake drums, hubs and valves. Learn more >>

  • Vertical CNC lathe with milling capabilities
  • Highly rigid gear box spindle
  • Optional live tooling turret

Automation Solutions

Toyoda automation solutions bring production to a higher level of efficiency and profitability. Toyoda's integrated production system reduces setup time and labor costs for a smarter way to manage part production on your shop floor.

This modular multi-level pallet management system utilizes a rail-guided vehicle to load and unload pallets. Toyoda's TIPROS FMS leads the industry with unique features to greatly increase productivity. Integrating this system keeps job organized, significant reduced downtime, and allows for lights-out production. Learn more >>

  • Single-level or multi-level system with capacity to hold up to 300 pallets
  • Intuitive TIPROS optimization software for fully-automated manufacturing
  • Multi-generational machine compatibility 

Pallet pools are an economical option for expanding storage and automating production on a single machining center. Available in single-or multi-level designs, the pallet pools is an efficient use of space among pallet automation options. Learn more >>

  • Single-level has 7 buffer stations , multi-level pallet pool accommodates up to 21 buffer stations
  • Automation solution for stand-alone applications
  • Space-saving design

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