Industry's Most Reliable Horizontal Machining Center.

Paired with Toyopuc Touch Control
New Era of CNC Control System
Discover a smarter path to operate your machining centers with Toyopuc Touch, the new CNC control for the Internet of Things (IoT) era. The new control keeps track of information such as machine energy usage, productivity, tool life and generate performance reports.

Built For Reliability


Dual Y and Z Axis Ballscrews
The high-performance spindle is supported by dual ballscrews and motors on the Y and Z axes. The tandem control function ensures the dual servomotors drive the ballscrews in perfect synchronization. The design sustains rapid acceleration and constant accuracy without any oscillating force on the Y axis.

Unrivaled Column Construction
Engineered with FCD600 iron, the FH630SX-i's column offers superior stregnth and ductility over traditional cast iron. The column also has a low center of gravity, which supports the spindle's cutting speed and power while maximizing rigidity.

Built For Speed and Power

High-Performance Spindle
Toyoda's 8,000 RPM, 1,009 NM (744 ft-lb) spindle brings exceptional speed and power to the FH630SX-i. This spindle design features four bearings at the front of the spindle; a double row of cylindrical roller bearings located over the taper provide radial rigidity, while dual angular bearings maximize axial stability. This combination allows for faster material removal rates, especially under heavy radial loads.