With the automotive industry finding new applications for gears everyday, an increasing demand for quality and competitively priced gears has forced manufacturers to explore new technologies capable of cutting gears to be more compact, more reliable, more quickly, and more efficiently.

Conventional machining processes combine the cutting capabilites of hobbing, gear shaping, chamfering, drilling and more to create and finish a gear from beginning to end.  This traditional style of machining evokes higher levels of risk attributed to run-out, concentricity errors, setup, and human error, when parts are chucked and rechucked with each additional cut creating a less efficient machinng process.

Introducing Gear Skiving - a revolutionary approach to manufacturing gears that integrates all gear part machining processes into one machine for a more functional and cost efficient shop floor.  Combined with Toyoda's award winning high-speed axis synchronization capabilities, the highly efficient GS300H and GS700H Gear Skiving Centers create the ultimate high-performance process to manufacturing gears with less time, higher efficiency, less risk, less cost, and more profit.

At this event: 

  • Learn of the challenges attributed to  traditional machining processes
  • See the advantages attributed to High Speed Axis Synchornization
  • Network with Other Industry Professionals
  • Receive Personalized Consultations with the Experts on your Gear Cutting Needs
  • And Of Course, Get lunch!


  • August 2nd, 11:30am - 1:30pm, Toyoda Great Lakes Tech Center (Wixom, MI)
Featured Machine:


Multitasking Horizontal Machining Center

Toyoda's GS300H5 Gear Skiving Center is packed with a high-speed rotation workpiece C axis made more compact with a built in motor while supporting automatic hydraulic fixtures. Feed rates on Toyoda's GS300H reach 60 m/min with travels on the X, Y and Z axes at 730 mm x 650 mm x 850 mm. The shown Gear Skiving machine is complete with a 6,000 RPM 50 taper spindle with motor rates of 30/25 kW. Rotating speed on the C-axis reach 3,000 min-1 at a torque of 160 / 90 Nm. See the new GHS300H HMC taking up just 2,745 mm x 4,510 mm of floor space.